Leadership of Our Organization

Board of Directors

MCS is led by a Board of Directors structured in three parts:
Our Governance Board is headed by two Co-Chairs, and two other voting members. This team determines the strategic direction of the organization; make decisions on policy, administrative, and financial issues; and develops and manages the budget.
Our Operations Board focuses on specific functional areas. Each Director builds and executes a plan for their area. They also participate in Board meetings, making recommendations for changes and decisions to the Governance Board.
Our Courage Ambassadors represent MCS in a specific area (usually geographical) location. They raise visibility about MCS and look for partnership opportunities. They also connect MCS to community events and relevant activities in their area.

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Geneviève Steidtmann, Jim Swimm, Tori Gale — at the 2017 Women's March, January 21, 2017
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